Monday, October 10, 2011

Misi Disember

Lamanya xaktif berblog.
Harini ak nk mengaktifkan balik blog ni..
11.10.2011 hmm cantik tarikh ni.
tp cantik lagi tarikh bday Echa 09.10.2011.

Misi Disember.

11.10.2100 - harini baru draft Monthly Expenses
Skrg ni no more unbudgetted expenses. hope so. Everything need to go and pass screening process. Screening process tu termasuklah Pros and Cons, husband permission and etc.

Misi Disember ni,, ak perlukan RM2000 (max) or RM1000 (min)
Lagi 2 bulan lagi niii.
Kiranya tahap kedekut gila-gila la skrg ni.
Kiranya,, klu boleh puasa ak nk puasa je marathon.

So, as for today i brought my lunch pack to save my money RM10 for lunch.
So today - Succeed. RM10 into my saving.
Thinking - RM10x60days = RM600...Aiyoo. Minima pun xcukup.
hmm ak xrela bergolok gadai baju2 lusuh ak ni. sbb sume ada nostalgia.
hmm so how? Berjimat cermat jerrr.

Canne nk berjimat cermat.. weekend full of activities. nak gi sini nak gi sana.
Xpela misi Disember ak ni br la dlm perangkaan. Sekiranya berjaya Alhamdulillah. Dan sekiranya tidak, ak kenala menganalisa kembali the reason why.

SOOOO...MISI DISEMBER...Lots of sweat,and lots of dreams...hehe

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sisbeesnus concept

You are so busy to go shopping??
You so lazy to walking?
Or you just dont want be dizzy? is somethinng that i can offer in my blog.

My products concept is C's concepts.
  • cute, cheap, charming, chic, cantik, comeii and it is recommended to be as ur own collection.

What services that i provide in my blog?

  • I do gift service. ( you buy something in my blog and I will wrap it or create to make it so cute ) BASE ON YOUR BUDGET.
  • You can pay me to find what you want (only apply for certain goods) . PAY IN ADVANCE IS COMPULSORY + my SERVICE CHARGE. It is advisable to put the details of goods you want. ANY MISTAKE BOUGHT ITEM, I WILL NOT RESPONSIBLE NOR REIMBURSE .
  • you can shop in my SHOPPE BLOG....


Sunday, July 27, 2008


cutie, cheaky, charming, cheap, cool collection


All of my collections above are TRUELY MY PERSONAL COLLECTIONS, which is "SAMPLE/NOT FOR SALE". BUT am willing to share wit people who is interested to BUY as for personal collections too. It is so CUTE, COOL, CHARMING, and CHIC fragrance and BOTTLE.

MOstlY people get this SAMPLE after BOUGHT the perfume. I'm not Selling perfume BUT i'm SELLING as collections ONLY to people who interested to BUY.Owaittt.