Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sisbeesnus concept

You are so busy to go shopping??
You so lazy to walking?
Or you just dont want be dizzy?
Huhu...here is somethinng that i can offer in my blog.

My products concept is C's concepts.
  • cute, cheap, charming, chic, cantik, comeii and it is recommended to be as ur own collection.

What services that i provide in my blog?

  • I do gift service. ( you buy something in my blog and I will wrap it or create to make it so cute ) BASE ON YOUR BUDGET.
  • You can pay me to find what you want (only apply for certain goods) . PAY IN ADVANCE IS COMPULSORY + my SERVICE CHARGE. It is advisable to put the details of goods you want. ANY MISTAKE BOUGHT ITEM, I WILL NOT RESPONSIBLE NOR REIMBURSE .
  • you can shop in my SHOPPE BLOG....